March 16, 2020

The Journey

Last month I was invited to the Adversity Podcast hosted by my friend and fellow strategist, Diego Lastra. It was great recounting much of my journey and how I ultimately landed at my dream job at Strategar.

What I enjoyed most, was the opportunity to reflect on the journey. Sometimes it’s easy to take the road for granted, but in my case every job I had before taking the plunge to start my own shop was critical in forming my views and my approach. In the 14 years leading into Strategar’s birth, I went from B2B marketing, to B2C to multi-cultural and even media. Along the way, I worked on companies like KodakMicrosoftChevyBank of America and Sprint. While I mostly handled brand leadership, I was always involved in research, strategy, problem solving and the creative output – and hence how we came up with the company name Strategar. We provide a blend of it all.

As I recounted my journey I was reminded that my focus has always been and will continue to be client-centric. What does that mean? I means we listen and craft plans that solve their challenge or issue. We look at the situation from our client’s perspective but overlay our expertise to develop a customized action plan. Being client centric also means we leave all the fluff out. We believe the most important aspect of our involvement is growing and maintaining the client relationship that requires transparency and trust.

We also discussed if being a Latina was ever difficult in business. The reality is that I never saw it as an impediment but as an opportunity to shine and to ensure others would have a seat at the table in the future.

Altogether, as I look back, the jobs and teams I led were the perfect experience to work on with the Texas Department of AgricultureGO TEXANSnappy SaladsUNT Dallas (a happy plug to a few of our clients). I am so grateful and humbled to be a part of their marketing journey – and to do our share for making our communities and the world a little better through the communications strategies we develop.

As I look ahead, I’m very excited about the future and the possibilities. We have pivoted our service offering, have hired a terrific team, but bottom line what makes us good is that we bring our heart to work and our clients know we have skin in the game with them and that we care about their efforts as much as they do. We also embrace the idea of bringing our entire self to work and recognize that we each have unique personal perspectives that add a ton of value to our clients.

Thank you all for your support and for even taking the time reading this. I was over-joyed with the positive feedback we received as I shared the podcast. From ex-colleagues and clients to friends and family it was great to hear from each of you. It’s a great feeling, and one to celebrate! I’m looking to part 2 of the interview. Will share once that’s done.


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