August 24, 2022

Texas-Raised Meats: From Farm to Table


Our team’s services were acquired in late 2021 by the Council for Healthy Food Systems (CHFS) to provide content development for the “Buy Texas-raised” Campaign, for the period of January 2022 – September 2023. During phase 1, January 2022 – May 2022, we developed a campaign to encourage Texas consumers to buy locally raised meat, poultry, and eggs. The campaign included messages aimed at both consumers who don’t already buy locally, as well as those who began buying locally during the pandemic. The materials were curated for both the CHFS website, facebook, and instagram, and the farmers associated with CHFS to use to develop their own, farm-specific marketing. We were also asked to develop support collateral for in-person workshops where the branded content was provided to the farmers to raise and sell poultry, eggs, and meat directly to consumers.


For this campaign, we conceptualized, designed and executed a new look and feel for the CHFS brand. By focusing on farmers working with animals, as well as the finished meat products, we created a campaign that not only articulated who CHFS is, but was eye catching and beautiful to look at. We researched the Texas agriculture community, and devised a plan to curate the most effective captions and social media content for CHFS and their workshop attendees. Lastly, we dove deep into the CHFS mission, and provided beautifully worded and easy to read marketing materials for the brand’s ongoing marketing endeavors.


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