April 27, 2022

Recruiting and Engaging Hispanic Patients


In Spring 2021, our Strategar team was contracted by a large healthcare organization in the Northeast to do an in-depth situation analysis of their engagement with the Hispanic population in their service area. It was clear that the Hispanic community had unique needs ranging from access to service, and their team was dedicated to developing data-driven, evidence-based, and location specific solutions for these patients.

Additionally, we also conducted several personal interviews with a variety of internal stakeholders. We learned about specific challenges that staff faced when engaging with Hispanic patients and received several specific suggestions for day-to-day improvement. Lastly, we conducted an audit of all owned channels to evaluate their accessibility by Hispanic patients.


Our research phase began with an online survey that produced data about demographics and experiences with healthcare in the area. We received 150 responses from local Hispanic respondents. Then, we conducted 50 interviews and three focus groups that produced strong qualitative data about the Hispanic experience with healthcare providers in the area.


To end our engagement, we provided our client with an in-depth research summary. Our team provided concrete, actionable recommendations for their owned channels and sample creative pieces that included copy in both English and Spanish. We produced three unique Hispanic audience profiles and made several recommendations concerning media tactics and channels. Our stakeholder interviews and focus groups were able to provide our client with operational recommendations.

Our research helped get Hispanic patients in the door, and contributed to improving the patient experience once they got there. If you would like to explore how Strategar can help your organization, please contact us at info@strategar.com for a complimentary 30-minute discovery session.


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