January 6, 2020

Market Research & Sales Training



TEGNA Inc. is a media company whose purpose is to empower stories, share impactful investigations and provide marketing services through its 62 television stations and four radio stations in 51 markets in the United States. One of its flagship stations, WFAA – Channel 8 wanted to determine its reach among Hispanic audiences in the market. The goal was to see if they could tap into additional advertising revenue by demonstrating the reach into the Hispanic market, also known for being the fastest growing population in the U.S.


While the station only provides content in English, secondary research demonstrated that the station’s 30 year effort of supporting the Hispanic community gave it a lead that transcended language.

To further prove the station’s reach, we conducted proprietary research to explain the affinity between Hispanics and WFAA. The takeaways were then developed into a sales strategy that culminated in a full day immersion with 30+ sales executives that represent the station across the U.S.


Client rolled out an annual initiative to secure new ad revenue following the strategy we developed for them. Client exceeded the sales quota of seven figures associated with the initiative.

WFAA – Sales Training Video

WFAA Hispanic Opportunity


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