January 6, 2020

Farm to School Campaign


Our client, The Texas Department of Agriculture oversees programs funded by the USDA that help educate children on a variety of food and agricultural opportunities. One of the key programs they have is called “the Farm Fresh initiative”. This program is of importance because it promotes farm-to-school efforts by showcasing how agriculture happens, how the program supports our state’s economy all while encouraging young Texans to appreciate our farmers. The program is also designed to have an educational component for all Texas public schools (impacting five million children).


We were retained to develop a series of videos to promote the agency’s farm-to-school initiatives and to build awareness of the importance of the Farm Fresh program across the state of Texas. The campaign was designed to appeal to a broad range of stakeholders: general population, school administrators and food/nutrition teams, and students enrolled in K-12. We developed a series of long form videos, each 3-4 minutes in length.


Body of work produced reached over 8,500 schools participating in various programs. The materials helped raise awareness of making the farm fresh choice one of the leading programs at the Texas Department of Agriculture.

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes
How To Make Cheese
Making the Farm Fresh Choice


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