April 7, 2021

Mass Outreach for Legal Resources


Our client, Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, is a nonprofit organization that provides free, civil legal help to low-income residents in 114 Texas counties throughout North and West Texas. LANWT works to advance and protect the rights of millions of low-income people in North and West Texas by providing free, civil legal help through representation and advocacy that meets our mission of ensuring equal access to justice.


Our team was retained to develop an outreach plan to increase awareness of Legal Aid of Northwest Texas LANWT in rural communities. By leveraging social media and Search Engine Marketing, we created a mass outreach plan to increase awareness of support services provided by LANWT – with an emphasis on eviction support and unemployment assistance. Our team strategically segmented audiences by demographic and behavior to attract housing-insecure folks to key resources. These audiences included social workers, low-income families, and people already seeking government assistance.

We also met potential LANWT clients where they were by placing physical advertisements in convenience stores. These ads reached 225,000 rural Texas residents in low-income neighborhoods, and 75,000 urban Texas residents in the City of Dallas.

Rural Results:

Urban Results:


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