July 7, 2020

Higher Ed Fall 2020 Enrollment


The University of North Texas Dallas’ School of Education prepares students, teachers, and other professionals for careers in education. These programs are a big need because they provide future role models and educators to school districts that lack sufficient home-grown and diverse talent.


Working with our client, we defined three big needs: 1) recruiting diverse males, 2) recruiting professionals (whether current educators, administrators or other professionals to consider an education career in STEM and 3) the next wave of Bilingual/ESL educators.

To reach them, we developed a campaign inclusive of digital banners, search engine marketing, social media and video creative to communicate with potential School of Education students. The work culminated with real educators sharing their personal journey and encouraging others to pursue a career in education.

Due to COVID-19, we adapted our video production process to be appropriate to social distancing guidelines as provided by the Center of Disease and Control (CDC) and the agency was able to effectively coach and film participants remotely. The final product was a collection of short videos including voiceovers and informative static art cards, and a long-form video produced to be hosted on the teach.untdallas.edu website.

We targeted potential students seeking information on any of the career tracks. These included people looking at similar schools and degree programs, seeking career counseling, and/or looking for transfer options coming out of a community college.


The campaign ran for multiple four-week flights from April through August.


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