March 16, 2020

National Hispanic Heritage Month and National Boss’ Day

With a team comprised largely of Hispanics, we wanted to celebrate the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month. This team was not built by accident but as a part of our CEO Yareli Esteban’s American Dream.

Her story starts like any other immigrant story but she has truly made it her own success story. She immigrated to the U.S. in elementary school and by the time she graduated High School she was recognized as a National Hispanic Merit Scholar in high school. She earned a full academic scholarship to attend The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Following UT Austin, Yareli has spent 15 years working in the communications industry, where she led multicultural insights teams for large advertising companies and managed brands like: Chevy, Univision, Whataburger, Bank of America and Sprint.

As a part of her American Dream, she started Strategar in 2013. Strategar is a boutique advertising agency, focused on helping brands connect with communities. She believes the power of the collective is a strong force and is committed to working with brands that are not only for profit – but for purpose as well. At Strategar, she has developed training materials for both U.S. and migrant workers and she has worked with a pool of university clients to ensure graduating seniors understand the path to affordable college options. She also works with the department of agriculture in Texas developing various campaigns that range from educational awareness to economic development strategies that impact millions of people.

Outside of her advertising life, Yareli likes to give back to her community. Many of her efforts support education in bicultural and bilingual classrooms. She also volunteers across North Texas schools and mentoring programs fostering education among the most diverse and socio-economically challenged communities. Later this month, she will be moderating a panel at the Hey Chica! Latina Leadership Summit and in February she will also share her expertise at the National Association of Bilingual Educators’ (NABE) national conference in Las Vegas, where she will lead a workshop on best communications practices. She’s also a proud daughter, sister and aunt.

We are so proud of her accomplishments and journey, not only as a Hispanic woman but as a great boss and caring human being.


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