March 16, 2020

Intersecting Possibilities

It’s 1985, the transparency goes up and the teacher begins to write “Venn Diagrams”. As my 4th grade teacher began to explain the idea, I became instantly fascinated by the possibilities of what occurred when two, three or infinite circles met. It’s a concept that I continue to get excited about and even better, it’s a concept I get to apply to my daily business routine.

One recent example of an opportunity to connect circles occurred when a client shared a new solution that combines software and hardware to distribute branded content across TV screens anywhere via the web.

I immediately started to see the possibilities and how this offer could help many of my existing clients distribute and manage branded content in real time. The solution solves for POS and digital signage at the very minimum – and promotes an interactive way to
engage with customers. 
And better yet, they also offer an amazing content management tool and analytics reporting that help ease the pain of content distribution and managing hundreds/thousands of screens.venn diagram

Of course all industries have different needs, so the potential intersection varies by client. In the spirit of sharing, here are some examples of the application across three different industries:

Fast Casual Dining

  • Digital signage allows owners to save on printing menus and can also be used to feature food, specials and seasonal items
  • Adjust pricing with a few clicks and via the web, submit and it will show across all your screens
  • Share videos on related content and news that will benefit your guests

Stadium/Professional Sports

  • Through interactive digital displays, attendees never have to worry about missing a minute of the game, giving them the liberation to visit the concession counter once or twice
  • Engage with fans in the stadium by showing content that will enhance their experience and will build value for your sponsors
  • Share maps, Eat/Shop locations and provide special offers for your sponsors

Distribution Services

  • Present information on a large dashboard screen that can highlight warehouse performance, sales goals, and HR announcements
  • Use screen to share messages from executive team, build morale and promote company culture
  • Leverage screens to engage with sales force and merchandising team across markets and warehouses, introduce products, featured items and company messages

The magic definitely occurs in determining where the two can solve a pain point. Our goal is to figure out the intersection that will help drive innovation and provide a better customer experience. And of course with the right team and the right solutions, the possibilities are truly endless.


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